I am an organiser and supervisor of postgraduate studies.

Postgraduate Studies on Machines' Technical Condition Evaluation using Computer Analysis and Measurement Techniques are organized by Ateneum - University of Gdansk in cooperation with the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences.
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The aim of the postgraduate program is to provide students with up-to-date and practical knowledge of computer analysis and measurement for evaluating the technical condition of machinery. Information will be presented on the use of modern programs to support the process of modelling and analysis of structures (FEM), computer simulation of mechanics, machine strength calculations and modern techniques for evaluating the dynamic state of machinery (modal analysis, vibration analysis), thermal analysis and flow analysis.

Examples of the use of modern measurement methods (using flow meters, accelerometers, displacement, force, pressure and temperature sensors) will be presented. Measurement methods using a high-speed camera and a thermal imaging camera will be presented.
 The lecturers will be employees of the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, who solve problems in the industry using modern research methods. Presented knowledge will be illustrated by numerous practical examples extended by problems proposed by postgraduate students.


Postgraduate studies are directed to graduates of polytechnic faculties, in particular to:

  • technical and engineering staff dealing with maintenance issues in plants,
  • employees of diagnostic units,
  • employees of other departments, e.g. mechanical, measurement and automation,
  • employees of production and engineering departments (e.g. test departments).