I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. I perform the 3D design of rotating machines and dynamic and strength calculations. I am interested in machine diagnostics, using numerical methods (Finite Element Methods), and conducting experimental research. I work on problems related to rotor dynamics and bearing selection for high-speed power turbines. My research involves hydrodynamic bearings, gas bearings, rolling bearings, and foil bearings. I am also the author of about 80 scientific publications, including a book published by Wiley and eight proposals for invention patents (one granted, the rest pending at the Polish Patent Office). I have participated in nine research projects, two of them as a manager. As part of the Marie Curie project, I participated in a one-year internship at LMS International, the Siemens Business in Belgium. I design various devices; these include laboratory stations related to mechanical engineering. I have performed experimental research involving vibration and temperature measurements. I write computational scripts related to, for example, signal processing (usually in Matlab). In my dissertation, I studied the properties of hydrodynamic bearings, that is, their stiffness and damping coefficients based on experimental studies and numerical analyses. In my professional work, I performed experimental and numerical modal analyses (e.g., in Abaqus or LMS Test.Lab software), alignment, and balancing. I have also made recordings with a high-speed camera.


I am an expert in SIMP (Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians) and an expert in NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development). I have done expert reports for NOT (Supreme Technical Organisation). I am a member of the Polish Society of Technical Diagnostics. I created many expert reports performed for the industry, including in court cases and for the prosecutor. I have done more than 70 internal studies for IMP PAN (Institute of Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences).


I teach engineering, post-graduate, EMBA, and doctoral students in Polish and English at four universities. In the WSB Academy in the subjects of machine design (lectures) and engineering graphics (lectures and laboratories). At Gdansk University of Technology, there are seminars on renewable energy sources. At the Management Academy of Applied Sciences, there are lectures and exercises on wind energy and turbines for power generation. I also regularly teach at the Tri-City Doctoral School of the Polish Academy of Sciences on the subjects of vibrations in machine diagnostics (lectures and laboratories), power turbines (lectures and laboratories), and turbine lectures (lectures and laboratories).