Taking into account fluid-structure interactions in the basic control model of an active foil bearing

  • Łukasz Breńkacz
  • Natalia Szewczuk-Krypa
The main objective of the paper is to present the control model of an active foil bearing, in which fluid-structure interactions are taken into account. The active foil bearing is a modification of the classic foil bearing [1]. In the presented system, changes in the geometry of the bearing bush are enabled by actuators. The analysed radial foil bearing has a variable geometry. The changes influence the lubrication gap and the shape of the foil. Such a bearing allows for optimizing the dynamic properties [2]. To enable proper operation, the displacement of the shaft needs to be measured by two displacement sensors. Based on the measurements, the trajectory of the rotating shaft can be obtained. The control system is based on a PID controller [3] which connects the measurement sensors with the actuators. The data from the measurement sensors are compared with the maximum allowed value of the vibration amplitude and, if necessary, the vibration level can be reduced to eliminate resonant vibrations. The possibilities of applying the proposed model are discussed.
Type of Publication:
Paweł Ziółkowski; Bartosz Kraszewski
Wdzydze Kiszewskie, Poland
Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences